Tuesday, April 15, 2008


With this year being a presidential election year, it seems we've all been over run with constant news stories and negative adds showing off our next round of presidential hopefuls. And I don't know about most of you, but I'm so sick and tired of turning on the news every day and getting story after story of "who said what about who." It's politics. It's a dirty game and nobody in it is a squeaky clean as they all love to claim to be.

And what I'm most worried about, is in next January when the next president is elected, how will we all be reacting to it. I'm extremely worried about it, since it seems like we don't really hold any respect for our presidents anymore. What is going to happen on January 1st when a new president takes office and suddenly we have all these citizens who want to kill our current president and on that special day they turn from shouts of "Kill Bush" to "We Love So and So."

Regardless of your political alignment, what kind of a message are you sending people with these kind of slogans? So on January 1st all extreme left will take down their next criticism of our president and get behind the new one. But what of everyone who supported the current president. Are they all supposed to forget that a large number of citizens didn't support their president, so they should ignore the next one to come into office?

It just seems extremely hypocritical that on that magical day everyone who wore "Impeach Bush" t-shirts and those who supported him will switch places. Our whole political landscape needs to be re-evaluated. Regardless if you like or support this president or the next, don't you think we should have at least a little bit of respect for the presidential position? Because I'm pretty sure that's been lost over the last ten years or so.

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