Friday, February 29, 2008

Press Release #4 Final

For Immediate Release

February 28, 2008

Contact: Rex Davis, owner

Kick the Can


Kick the Can Garbage Removal Starts Up

LOGAN, Utah- A brand new and exciting business is just starting up in Cache Valley for both commercial and household use. Have you ever forgot to put your trash can out on the street the night before garbage day? Instead of trying to cram another week of garbage into your already packed trash can, call Kick the Can instead. Within in 24 hours, they can pick up any trash can in Cache Valley and haul away all of your unwanted trash.

Kick the Can is also available for commercial site clean ups, recyclables, lawn trimmings, and any other garbage removal you can need. Free bids are available on how much it will cost to remove your trash.

Kick the Can is a Cache Valley owned business started in February by Rex Davis.

So instead of being left with all of your smelly garbage, take the smart way out and call Kick the Can now.

For more information contact Corey Sparks, Public Relations Advisor, at 435-770-1129 or at

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Preston said...

This had a salesman feeling to it, where instead you want to relay information to a reporter in hopes to have a story written.

Make your headline specific to this Release.

Include the most important elements in your lead....what if that's all the person read?

Separate out your contact info at the makes it easier to read.